About NAHAExposed.org

NAHAExposed.org is a loose knit group of former Volunteers, Officers, Directors and Members of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy who are deeply concerned about the path that organization has taken for the last five years.

We are particularly concerned about various irregularities that have taken place in the last two years.  Over this period there have been numerous attempts by many persons to obtain information and satisfaction from the NAHA administration.  None of these have led to any improvement, and we have finally resolved to enlist outside help

We have prepared a petition to the governing agencies that have jurisdiction over NAHA:  The Internal Revenue Service, which regulates non-profit organizations, the Colorado Secretary of State, which regulates non-profit corporations in the state where NAHA is incorporated, and the Washington authorities where NAHA has its corporate office.

If after reading the petition and supporting materials you agree that an investigation is needed, please sign our petition.  If you have had experiences of your own with the NAHA Administration that you would like to relate to us and possibly have included in the submittals or on the Web Page, please e-mail us at catalyst@NAHAExposed.org.

Yes, we are "disgruntled former volunteers", but the high number of us should suggest that the problems at NAHA are not isolated and trivial.

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