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This dried rosebud is symbolic of what has happened to the rose that was NAHA "At some point, you have to make a stand in order to remain human." . . . from The Quiet American



Note: This site was originally posted in 2004 when there were previous issues with the management of NAHA. It was taken down in 2009 when we switched web servers and stopped paying for the domain.  The information on this site as of October 2017 is the same as the site posted in 2004, except that some features do not work because of changes in web technology, links that are broken, and email addresses that no longer work. For now, use for email contact.

Two analyses of the 2004 situation were written but were not posted on this site at the time. They are included here as pdf files:

Marcia Elston Nonprofit Overview

Rob Stitt Bylaws Analysis

This file was posted in 2018 for your information:

NAHA exPresident's Video November 2018

This website is hosted by disenfranchised volunteers and former volunteers of NAHA, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, incorporated in the state of Colorado. Our goal is to document information, testimony and affidavits relative to the Petition at addressing concerns about the improper management of the nonprofit corporation and its assets.   Many of us have endeavored to resolve myriad issues by other avenues for a longer period of time than we want to think about.  Our efforts have been blocked by those in charge at NAHA and rather than cooperative resolution, we have seen secrecy and stonewalling.  We feel we have no alternative but to seek redress from the agencies who govern the nonprofit activities of nonprofit organizations in the U.S.

A positive goal of this website will be to provide nonprofit resources that might help the aromatherapy community become more aware of the laws, ethics and processes that apply to and govern nonprofits in the United States, and will include resources available to the fragmented US Aromatherapy community in a desire to seek higher ethics and professionalism in the nonprofit arena.  If you would like to submit nonprofit resources to be listed they will be greatly appreciated.

We are all volunteers here, but information will be posted as quickly as possible.

You are invited to href="">read our petition and add your signature if you feel it is justified and agree with its aims.   The petition will be available for signatures until February 23, 2004, at which time it will be forwarded with supporting affidavits and documents to the State of Colorado and the IRS.  Questions relative to the petition can be posed on the discussion group.

We urge you to provide supportive affidavits as applicable and to make and read comments on the discussion group.  Affidavits will only be posted on this website with your permission and can remain unpublicized but still be included as support materials for the petition itself.